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Israel is Under Attack: YOU can help!

1/5 of Israel’s population is under siege. Here’s how you can help.

Jewish National Fund is taking action to help the more than one million Israelis in cities and towns under attack. Rockets have now reached as far as Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. School is cancelled. Life has come to a standstill.
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  • JNF is working with Sderot Mayor David Bouskila to keep its Sderot Indoor Recreation Center, which doubles as a state-of-the-art bomb shelter, open 24 hours a day. Sleeping arrangements are being made, services will being offered for seniors, and Green Horizons, a JNF partner, will provide entertainment for children.
  • JNF is providing aid to Israeli firefighters, who have been on call 24 hours a day and are the first on the scene of rocket-ignited fires and rocket-related accidents. Donations to Israel are being used to purchase much-needed firefighting equipment, send food to fire stations, and provide personal toiletry kits to firefighters.
  • With rockets falling in the new community of Halutza, JNF is providing funds so that children can be taken away from the region. This will finance student and educational staff transportation, activities, and sleeping arrangements.
Beginning Sunday morning, JNF will be opening the following locations to all citizens of southern Israel at no charge:
  • Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem
  • Neot Kedumim near Modiin
  • 30 historical sites managed by the Society for Preservation of Israel Heritage sites, a JNF partner, including the Ayalon Institute, Atlit, and many more
  • Kiftzuba amusement park outside of Jerusalem
  • JNF will provide buses to bring children and families to these sites from a few designated areas approved by the IDF Home Front Command. Food and entertainment are also being provided.
  • JNF is working to open the auditorium in Heichal Shlomo, where its Jerusalem offices are housed, for free movies and shows.