Nov 20, 2012  By Yael Levontin  Category: Education,

One mom's war diary

A siren went off in Jerusalem for the second time a few minutes ago.  I was outside with my middle child, Nati, at the hospital park.  We were in the room all day so I thought some fresh air and sunshine would do him good.  He was on the slide when the siren went off.

I ran to grab him and with other patients, nurses, doctors, staff and students, ran to find cover.  This time I promised myself no tears!  I promised myself be strong.  I was, but not strong enough.  I am still shaking.  I held him, ran to the staircase, and fell to the ground - holding him close to me.  Someone brought me some water with Nati scrambling out of my arms to go play.  I must have been better this time, since he wasn't scared at all.  So I did well I think - under the circumstances that is... I did better.... Maybe next time I won't even shake??!!??  Maybe but probably not.

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