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44 candles

Do you remember where you were 2 years ago for the first day of Chanukah?

It's been two years since the first day of Chanukah 2010. A day when we light a fire in the menorah. You see - fire is a great thing. It brings light. We light candles to welcome the holy Shabbat. We light the menorah to commemorate the miracles. We light the fire place to stay warm on cold winter nights..... But two years ago on the first day of Chanukah another fire started. It was the first day of Chanukah 2010 when the Carmel fire began. It is two years since 44 people lost their lives and 44 families were shattered.  
Chanukah is a time to remember and celebrate the miracles. In those days and today G-d makes miracles. In this generation we have so much to be grateful for and so much to celebrate as well. The miracle of having a homeland. The miracle of being free..... And there are still many miracles that we perform together every day. 

We have made Israel a safer place over the last two years. We have purchased many new fire trucks and life saving equipment. We are currently building a new fire station on Mount Carmel which could have prevented the fire.  There are still many miracles we need to work on. It's two years later. We remember the 44 people who lost their lives and we promise to continue to work for a better tomorrow. 

Did you ever realize how many candles we light on Chanukah?  Take a look at your Chanukah candle boxes. There are 44 candles in total, lit over 8 days. Wow. 44 people lost theirs lives in the carmel fire.  Let us light 44 candles and remember them. 

From our JNF family to yours, Chanukah sa'meach!!! Thanks for the miracles. 
The Kotlers