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The Summit - 3 days in Las Vegas

You are concerned about the future of our planet. 

You care about ensuring that best practices in sustainability are utilized to protect our environment and natural resources.  

You are interested in spending a weekend with other young professionals who are as passionate as you are and meeting with leaders from the centers of sustainable innovation - all with a focus on Israel and leadership.

"The Summit" is a three day environmental leadership event taking place in Las Vegas, NV from April 27-29, 2013.  The Summit will be more than a conference.  It will be a gathering of influencers to promote change in the story of the next generation — sustainability of water, food and energy. It is an event, a master class and a one-of-a- kind weekend experience in Nevada’s Red Rock desert.  

The purpose of the weekend is to encourage environmental consciousness by exploring Israel as a model for innovative solutions in sustainability.  Today, Israel is a global leader in sustainability initiatives and one of the main goals of “The Summit” will be to help share these innovations with the rest of the world.  Over the last 110 years, JNF has helped Israel become the leader it is today, by investing in the country’s first commercial solar field, planting 250 million trees and funding technology to help reuse 80% of Israel’s water resources, compared to just 1% here at home in the U.S.  The Summit will connect young leaders from all over the country interested in promoting worldwide environmentalism and sustainability, modeled on the success of the innovative work being done in Israel.

“The Summit” will be held at the the Red Rocks Casino, a venue chosen for its proximity to the airport and the Red Rocks desert.  The environment will experiential, similar in quality to the desert lands of Israel and will focus participants on the challenges at hand – scarcity of natural water resources and the unique challenges to growing and cultivating food sustainably in an arid environment. 

Confirmed speakers include: Carolyn Goodman - Mayor of Las Vegas; Patricia Mulroy - General Manager, Southern Nevada Water; Gilad Erdan - Israeli Environment Minister;  Danny Ayalon - Israeli Vice Foreign Ministry; Ronald Lauder, Estee Lauder Companies, CEO - RWL Water, Chairman of the Board - JNF, President - World Jewish Congress; and Rich Cohen - Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair Magazine.  

* We’re less than 2 weeks away from the deadline to receive your credit of $150 per hotel room at Red Rock Hotel and Casino. After March 2nd the $150 room credit and special hotel rate will no longer be available. In order to receive the credit, you must pay for The Summit in full and book your hotel room using the code JNF; please note this is per hotel room and not per person.