Dec 23, 2012  By Eyal Blum  Category: Blueprint Negev,

Greeting from the Central Arava!!!

Russell Robinson
CEO, Jewish National Fund
Shalom Russell, 
It is with a great sense of pride and responsibility that I accepted the honor of becoming the 7th Mayor of the Central Arava Regional Council.
As you know, the local community is comprised of only 800 families even though the area encompasses of 6% of the land of Israel.

The story of the Moshavim in the Arava symbolizes in many ways the establishment of the state of Israel - the story of an idealistic group of young people and their efforts to follow David Ben Gurion's vision of settling the Negev, their struggle with the various challenges along the way and their success, against all odds, to make the desert blossom.  Today we are proud to have a small but thriving community that persists in its mission to realize Ben Gurion's vision, despite all the obstacles.

None of this would have happened without support and your dedication towards the development of the community.  As a second generation Arava pioneer, I am strongly committed to following in the footsteps of the Arava founders, and with your partnership to lead the community towards a bright future.
It is our vision to further develop and populate the Arava while preserving its unique and wild character.  We believe that the Central Arava will attract new residents to the region, encourage entrepreneurship and creativity,  and provide the community with opportunities for sustainable living.  The Central Arava Council will strive to preserve the region's ecology and strengthen the community.  We see a great importance in the further development of innovative agriculture in desert, thus positioning Central Arava as a national and international role model.  I believe that together we will continue making a difference to people's lives, offering the founders as well as new families a real opportunity and a home in the Arava.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the Jewish National Fund for your friendship, partnership and ongoing efforts towards the development of Central Arava the place where I was born raised and proud to call my home.
Looking forward to working with you,
Your sincerely,
Eyal Blum, PhD