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Be part of the miracle!

Welcome to the Jewish National Fund blog.  We are glad you found your way here.  Maybe you are thinking, "Jewish National Fund - isn't that the tree organization?  I remember getting a bunch of 'tree certificates' when I had my bar mitzvah.  Maybe some day I should go to Israel and visit 'my tree'." 

Here is the truth - Jewish National Fund is not the tree organization, though planting trees is one of the many, many things that JNF does.  And, I am sorry that we actually won't be able to locate your exact tree!  Your "tree" was indeed planted -  but it was one of millions of trees planted in the year of your bar or bat mitzvah alone.  It is growing alongside all of the other generously donated trees from all over the world - planted for births, wedding, bar mitzvahs, bris and baby namings, and in memory of loved ones from all walks of life.  Even if you can't find "your tree", you should feel proud about it and come visit Israel's forests.  They are beautiful.  While you are at it, you should visit Israel's deserts, cities, oceans, parks, and communities and see just how much JNF touches all of those things!

While we have a very dynamic website, emails updates, Facebook pages, and a quarterly publication called "B'Yachad", we decided it was time to start a blog - so you can check in with us and know what's happening in real time.

So, if we aren't the tree organization, who are we?

JNF is the community building organization - we are building communities from the ground up all over Israel.  We are using the ample space still undeveloped to make sure that there is more room for Israelis to settle in, that there is affordable housing for them to live in, that there are jobs, and schools, and daycare facilities, and roads, and medical clinics and everything else you can think of to ensure a safe and secure lifestyle for those who cannot or do not want to live in the center of Israel.  Our focus is on building the periphery of Israel - from the far north to the very southern tip.

JNF is the environmental organization - We are funding cutting edge sustainable agriculture methods, and promoting cross border clean air, land and water efforts - JNF is the premier Israeli environmental organization.

We are supporting places like the Arava Institute - where Israelis study alongside Palestinians and Jordanians to find solutions to regional environmental challenges that affect all three peoples.

JNF is the water organization - Drought is a very serious matter in the Middle East.  JNF has pioneered innovative solutions to stretch Israel’s water supply, leading to a 12% increase in the water economy - from investing in new water saving techniques and solutions, to river rehabilitation, to building reservoirs,

JNF is the security organization - We are engaged in the building secure roads through hostile areas so that commuters and schoolchildren can get safely to work and the classrooms each day.  We built a 21,000 square foot, state of the art indoor playground in the Gaza border town of Sderot to keep children safe and out of harms way while they play.  We are also raising money for the Friends of Israel Firefighters - purchasing necessary firetrucks and other emergency response vehicles and equipment for firestations throughout Israel.

JNF is the research and development organization -  working with other academic and scientific institutions both in Israel and abroad, JNF funds research that turns salt water into sweet fruit, grows tomatoes and peppers without soil, and makes the desert bloom.

And, JNF is also the Israel travel organization - with missions and trips to Israel leaving throughout the year and catering to all types of people, interests, tastes and ages, Jewish National Fund is the organization ensuring a fabulous trip to all of our participants.  While we won't be able to help you find "your tree" exactly, we encourage you to come with us to Israel to visit the forests that are made up of all of our trees.

Keep checking back here and learn more about the people, communities, regions and lives that are being changed every day by JNF.  Be part of the miracle!